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TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in for AMQP - Community Edition


The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) is an open standard for passing business messages between applications or organizations. It connects systems, feeds business processes with the information they need and reliably transmits onward the instructions that achieve their goals. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks(TM) Plug-in for AMQP - Community Edition is an add-on product for TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks(TM) that allows communication between AMQP brokers and BW processes. It supports basic send and receive operations.

License Type: Sample
License Term: Perpetual

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1. AMQP Connection Shared Resource - You can use the AMQP connection shared resource to connect AMQP broker. The shared resource is used by the AMQP activities.

2. AMQPSendMessage - You can use this activity to send messages to AMQP Broker queue.

3. GetAMQPMessage - You can use this activity to get one message from AMQP Broker queue.

4. AMQPReceiveMessage - You can use this activity to subscribe the message from AMQP Broker queue.

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