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TIBCO Business Studio - Introductory Samples


TIBCO Business Studio™ – Introductory Samples includes Basic Samples and Industry Samples projects

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The Basic Samples project introduces process modeling and simulation with some common processes:
Book a meeting room
Submit expenses
Manage claims

The Industry Samples project introduces process modeling and simulation with industry-specific examples:
Commercial banking – Transfer funds to a specified account.
Global new hire – Recruitment and hiring process from raising a requisition to successfully bringing a new hire on board.
Healthcare – Billing and receiving payments from patients or their insurance companies.
Insurance – Analyze and recovery including tracking recovery status and chasing late recoveries. Also contains processes to initiate and make regular payments to claimants.
Mortgage processing – Starting a new application to completing, either successfully, by releasing funds and sending starter pack, or unsuccessfully, by declining the application.
Software – Manage software defects and the software release cycle for a product.
UK local government – Control building activities.

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