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TIBCO Business Studio - Product Samples


TIBCO Business Studio™ - Product Samples includes a number of business process management (BPM), forms, and workflow-pattern processes developed with TIBCO Business Studio.

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BPM Samples

The BPM samples include business processes that interact with different users and with the system to process insurance claims. The sample demonstrates advanced concepts such as embedded and re-usable sub-processes, and chained execution. This sample assumes that you are familiar with the basics of creating, deploying and running a BPM application.

Forms Samples
The Forms Samples project provides the solution to the Forms Tutorial Solution. It describes the basic features of TIBCO Business Studio Forms such as:
1. Adding panes and controls on the form, and configuring them.
2. Refining the appearance of a form.
3. Using scripts to create validation rules for controls.
4. Creating rules that fire when a pre-defined event occurs and invoke actions associated with them.

The Forms Advanced samples project describes the following advanced tasks:
1. Using CSS to customize the rendering of a form control.
2. Creating custom Add and Delete buttons for a grid pane.
3. Using editable list controls.
4. Changing a control’s background color based on its value
5. Controlling the visibility of a pane based on the value of a control.
6. Using a checkbox to set properties for another control.
7. Using a business object model with multiple sub-types.
8. Using enumerations as choices in an option list of a radio group.
9. Validating commonly-used Primitive Types.

The Workflow Patterns samples projects provide examples of how TIBCO Business Studio can be used to model and how TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM can be used to execute well known workflow patterns. The samples rely on research from the Workflow Patterns Initiative, a joint effort of Eindhoven University of Technology and Queensland University of Technology, which identified numerous patterns desirable for a workflow language or a business process modeling language system.

The workflow patterns are grouped into different perspectives, which provide different ways of analyzing workflow.

Resource patterns capture the various ways in which resources are represented and used.
Control-flow: Control-flow of process patterns capture the various ways in which activities are represented and controlled in workflows.
Data: Data patterns capture the various ways in which data is represented and utilized in workflows.

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