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TIBCO ActiveSpaces


TIBCO ActiveSpaces® software is a distributed in-memory data grid product. ActiveSpaces features familiar database concepts, high I/O capacity, and network scalability. Release 3.0 of TIBCO ActiveSpaces software features a complete redesign and reimplementation of the product.

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Use TIBCO ActiveSpaces data grid software as a system of record database. A TIBCO ActiveSpaces data grid provides a consistent, fault-tolerant database that supports mixed read and write workloads in a scalable manner.
ActiveSpaces software presents application programmers with familiar database concepts, such as tables, rows, and columns. Programs can insert, delete, and retrieve individual rows. Programs can query for rows that match a specified pattern of data.
Administrators define and configure a data grid. Administrators deploy and manage the component processes that implement the data grid. Administrators define tables, indexes, and their parameters.

TIBCO ActiveSpaces software uses fast TIBCO FTL® messaging software in these key roles:
● Communication between application programs and the data grid. Presenting the data results of queries to application programs
● Internal communication among data grid component processes
● Configuration, monitoring, and management of data grid components
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