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TIBCO Business Studio - Community Edition


TIBCO Business Studio™ - Community Edition is a free, standards-based, business process modeling environment that enables business experts to model and simulate business processes and their supporting data and organization models.

Business Studio empowers business experts to own and manage business process assets. Explicit process models improve the understanding of business processes across the organization, the accuracy of process execution, and the ability to optimize processes.

TIBCO Business Studio™ is also the unified development environment for building composite applications across TIBCO's BPM and SOA and integration software.

Note: if you are looking a cloud-based alternative for process mapping and documentation, we suggest you look at TIBCO Cloud Nimbus. It requires no onsite installations, hardware, or storage and you will be up and running instantly.

License Type: Developer Evaluation
License Term: 90 days

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Main Benefits

Business Empowerment
Business experts own, model, and manage their business process assets.

Rapid Process Development
Model-driven approach (no coding) simplifies process development allowing a fast, iterative approach that delivers rapid time to market.

Enhanced Collaboration
Business experts and process authors can work collaboratively together to ensure that processes developed reflect actual business needs and reduce the time and effort to develop them.

Improved Processes
Visually defined process models enable users to better understand business processes, execute them accurately, and optimize these processes as improvements are identified.

Key Capabilties

Standards-based environment for business analysts featuring extensive modeling capabilities:

Process, data, page flow and organization modeling
Business Studio enables business experts to rapidly model business processes, user interface forms and page flows, business objects (data definitions), and organizational structures in a business user friendly environment. Business users can also visually model the organizational structure, attributes, and relationships that underpin processes, as well as applicable resource capabilities and privileges.

Automatic process documentation
Business experts can automatically create fully interactive html process documentation, allowing the business to keep records of all processes and changes to processes over time.

Testing and simulation
Processes are easily emulated and troubleshot from within the modeling environment before being deployed. Business users can run simulations based on real data or sample data to validate processes and identify details such as costs, times, bottlenecks, or underutilized resources.

Business Studio uses Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), with process definitions persisted and exchanged using XML Process Definition Language (XPDL).

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  • When can I get the newer version of a product?

    Please visit TIBCO Community for updates on future product releases.