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TIBCO BusinessEvents® is TIBCO’s Enterprise Event Server that enables organizations to collect event data from disparate systems and make sense of the data in real time. TIBCO BusinessEvents® allows organizations to manage complex events in order to detect patterns, recognize trends, identify problems and take advantage of opportunities. Organizations that leverage TIBCO BusinessEvents® are able to react in real-time to business conditions and make the best use of valuable resources.

TIBCO BusinessEvents® allows developers to create powerful rule definitions based on collected events. Events can be collected from multiple sources including JMS messages, HTTP connections, TCP channels, TIBCO Hawk Events, changes in TIBCO ActiveSpaces® metaspaces and Rendezvous® messages. TIBCO BusinessEvents® can be deployed in a highly available, highly scalable, fault tolerant environment through the use of its built-in distributed Data Grid.

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License Term: 90 days

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Allows users to construct UML-based models for describing applications, services and servers on which those applications and services are deployed, defining the causal and temporal relationships between assets to identify exceptional patterns, likely impacts and expected outcomes;

Rules editor for defining static and dynamic relationships among events within the enterprise and its extended value chain. Users can specify the event or chain of events they want to monitor, the condition at which a particular event is important and the action to be taken when the condition is met;

Flexible event capture service that can capture and process events being routed across TIBCO’s own integration and messaging infrastructure as well as those from within other vendors’ implementations of JMS and other integration platforms.

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