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One of the key challenges of any web or mobile project is how to make data available beyond the four walls of the enterprise in a timely manner. The old approach of using HTTP and its request/reply architecture make it impractical in meeting the expectations of today’s digital consumers. TIBCO eFTL™ extends the power and flexibility of FTL by providing full-duplex, bidirectional communications to web and mobile devices leveraging HTML5 WebSocket.

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License Term: 90 days

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Universal Access: A single integrated messaging product suite providing secure connectivity to backend systems and data from virtually any platform

Scalability: Scales to support hundreds of thousands of client connections

Bi-directional Communication: Supporting full-duplex communications between eFTL clients as well as FTL based applications to provide real-time data distribution

Fast Time to Market: provides easy access to backend data leveraging a simple API supported in C, Java, JavaScript, node.js, .NET, Go, Python and REST.

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