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TIBCO Enterprise Administrator SDK Developer Edition


TIBCO Enterprise Administrator is a framework for providing a unified administration experience for multiple products. TIBCO Enterprise Administrator provides common services like user management, product registration, and views to allow operators to manage multiple products from a single administrative console. TIBCO Enterprise Administrator provides two primary operator interfaces. TIBCO Enterprise Administrator provides web-based and shell-based user interfaces.

License Type: Developer Evaluation
License Term: Perpetual

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TIBCO Enterprise Administrator Agent Library allows organizations to develop custom TIBCO Enterprise Administrator agents to manage TIBCO and non-TIBCO products and applications. Once these agents are available and registered with the TIBCO Enterprise Administrator, operators can manage TIBCO and non-TIBCO applications from a single administrative console.


Public API for agent development.

Common services like User Management, Search, Agent Management and Machine views available out of the box.

Operator concepts like Operator and Solution Views available out of the box.

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