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TIBCO® Fulfillment Catalog - Developer Edition


TIBCO® Fulfillment Catalog, part of our TIBCO® Fulfillment Orchestration™ Suite, allows businesses to model complex Product or Service Offerings using a re-usable components-based data model. TIBCO Fulfillment Catalog allows for rapid creation of new offers and bundles to respond to a fast-changing market, while at the same time managing customer eligibility, offer compatibility, and provisioning rules associated with each component.

License Type: Developer Evaluation
License Term: 90 days

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TIBCO Fulfillment Catalog is a complete Product Offering Management tool providing a graphical user interface allowing the users to create, edit, search, and maintain following data:
- Offer/Product/Service/Pricing Definition,
- Order Validity Definition,
- Provisioning Sequencing and Rules.

User access, responsibilities and lifecycle workflows can be configured for the ongoing management of this information.

TIBCO Fulfillment Catalog can work in conjunction with TIBCO Fulfillment Order Management, in which case the objects defined by TIBCO Fulfillment Catalog are used by TIBCO Fulfillment Order Management to drive automated Order Validation and Order Fulfillment processing.
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