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TIBCO JasperReportsĀ® IO At-Scale


Embedding and generating reports and visualizations on a massive scale. JasperReports IO At-Scale is an elastically scalable service with built-in failover and high availability. There is no restriction on clustering and thread concurrency.

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JRIO At-Scale is a new flagship product that allows you to scale the JRIO service deployment in various ways, ranging from monolithic web application, with all its specialized sub-services placed together in the same application (good for testing and small scale deployments), to container-based deployments in the Cloud, where specialized sub-services run in separate containers and are able to scale independently while working together to deliver a single embeddable reporting service (suited for large scale deployments).

JRIO At-Scale also has an option for configuring JasperReports Server to be able to deploy a cluster of instances as a reporting engine.

You can deploy a cluster using Kubernetes (AWS, OpenShift, etc.) to scale up to thousands and millions of reports per hour and thousands of pages per report.

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