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TIBCO JasperReports® Web Studio Professional


TIBCO JasperReports® Web Studio Professional is a web-based alternative to the TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio, the desktop application which is the most complete and powerful designer for JasperReports templates. It is the new visual designer for creating and editing report templates for the JasperReports® Library reporting engine and the whole TIBCO Jaspersoft® family of products that use this open source library to produce dynamic content and rich data visualizations.

License Type: Developer
License Term: 30 days

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Interactive Charts & Visualizations TIBCO JasperReports® Web Studio Professional supports more than 50 graphics including interactive tables, crosstabs, maps, custom visualizations from third-party libraries like D3.js, and a vast collection of HTML5 charts that can be stylized using thousands of properties.

Reusable styles Promote reusability of styles through externalized style sheets. Design once and re-use across all reports to maintain a consistent look and feel. Make changes to the external style sheet just once to update all your assets.

Subreports Any report can be used as a subreport within another report, and any number of subreports can be nested inside a report.

Export to Any Format Export a single report or visualization to more than 10 file formats, including PDF, Excel spreadsheet, HTML for fully interactive web content, or simply send the data to be consumed via API by a third-party tool.

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