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TIBCO Patterns - Search


TIBCO® Patterns - Search is a powerful matching platform that can identify similarity between query and target data with human-like perception. It can identify regions of similarity between any type of data entity in any language or format. It quickly handles many of the issues that plague real-world data – from transpositions and typos to information that's entered in the wrong field. Large datasets can be analyzed with sub-second response times using a fraction of the computational power of conventional methods, where performance tends to degrade as data volumes increase. It is also highly interoperable, integrating directly to a database, it functions as an independent index so that other applications are barely affected.

License Type: Developer Evaluatoin
License Term: 90 days

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Without special tuning, ensures that complete and accurate information can be found instantly, no matter the data type or language.

Frees domain experts from manually fixing problematic data and allows them to focus on efforts that add business value.

Supplies real-time indexing and does not impact the performance of other applications

Updates ensure that match requests show the most up-to-date information

Comes enterprise-ready with cluster support and monitoring compatibility through TIBCO Hawk

Includes out-of-the-box graphical user interface (GUI) for both developers and query users

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    Please visit TIBCO Community for updates on future product releases.