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TIBCO Rendezvous Software


TIBCO Rendezvous® is the leading messaging product for real-time, multicast-based broad data distribution. It has been used by thousands of customers for more than a decade, and is the backbone for several of the largest mission-critical systems in production today.

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License Term: 90 days

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Messaging can be publish/subscribe or request/reply, point-to-point or multicast, synchronous or asynchronous, and delivered via the local-area network (LAN), wide-area network (WAN), or the internet;

Choice of qualities of service from lightweight informational messages to reliable and certified delivery;

Peer-to-peer multicast-based messaging for efficient network utilization and scalability;

TIBCO Rendezvous® In-Process Module that embeds Rendezvous capabilities directly into applications for ultra-low latency needs;

Point-to-point and Wide Area Network (WAN) messaging support via TCP and SSL;

Dynamic, source-based routing with interest driven forwarding provides added efficiency and simplified configuration across multiple messaging domains.

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